Chauffeur is one of the leading limousine companies in Egypt

We have more than one office across the republic, we provide you with limousine services
Chauffeur is best suited to you in terms of accuracy, time, quality and pricea

We offer a full range of limousine services

  • Airport Limousine
  • Provincial Limousine
  • Tourist transport limousine
  • Limousine companies and institutions
  • Business limousine

And all this at unbeatable prices with other limousine companies.

Airport Limousine

Transportation services to and from the airport is one of the most important services of the Chauffeur company to its customers because our vision is based on achieving customer comfort at all times

Provincial Limousine

With Chauffeur , you can never go anywhere again, enjoy with us the best trips to and from all governorates, at the cheapest prices.

Tourist transport limousine

Enjoy with us in Chauffeur the finest limousine and mass transit services
Whatever the size of the flight and the size of their bags, you will enjoy a comfortable, entertaining and safe trip

Limousine companies and institutions

With Chauffeur plans for companies and institutions differently, we enjoy the most exquisite with the latest and most luxurious cars

Businessmen service

Limousine service for businessmen to be able to perform their duties to the fullest in Chauffeur you will find all you need from the efficiency of the service and speed of performance

Coverage of conferences

Limousine service businessmen so that they can fully perform their duties. In Chauffeur you will find all you need from efficient service and fast performance

Our car

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Contact Us

  • 91 92 0 222 012 - 2+
  • 259 290 14 010 - 2+
  • New Cairo
  • Alexandria - New Miami

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We have more than one office all over the Republic. We provide you with limousine services. To you, the solution, Chauffeur, is the most appropriate for you in terms of accuracy, time, quality and prices that suit your needs. We provide customers with the best modern cars. Production of the year with very skilled drivers.